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Rookie Real Estate Investor Mistakes

Always dreamed of making money investing in residential real estate? Many investors have done just that so it’s definitely possible to be financially successful at it. Increase your chances of building your net worth through real estate investing by avoiding these rookie missteps. Thinking It’s an Easy Way to Make Money It’s not a get rich quick scheme. Successful real estate investors put in long and sometimes

Avoid These 3 Real Estate Investing Mistakes

There are basically two ways to make money in real estate: – buying and selling properties for a profit – profitably renting residential or commercial properties In the best of all worlds, you’ll do both. Now that the real estate market is showing signs of life, and actually booming in some markets, individual investors are once again diving into this market. There is risk and

Using Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate

When thinking of IRA investments, most people think of stocks, bonds and mutual funds as the only possible options. But it is also allowable to use your IRA to invest in real estate. The key word here is “investment”– this isn’t a way to buy a personal residence for you or a member of your family. It is, however, a way to use the funds

Real Estate & Mortgages

Rookie Real Estate Investor Mistakes Always dreamed of making money investing in residential real estate? Many investors have done just that very successfully… continue reading→   Using Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate When thinking of IRA investments, most people think of stocks & bonds, but you can also use your IRA to invest in real estate… continue reading→   Refinancing Commercial Mortgage Loans Unlike 30 year

What is meant by Passive Income?

Passive Income generally refers to revenue you receive that is not directly related to your effort. It also signifies that you are not “materially participating” in a business under IRS guidelines. As an example, real estate investments can generate passive income for an owner who is not performing real estate services directly, but rather is just investing in the property & someone else is managing

How do I figure out my personal Net Worth?

Net worth is the dollar value of your personal assets minus your personal liabilities. To figure it out, you add up all your assets such as savings, investments, real estate holdings, retirement accounts, etc. Then deduct from that number all your personal liabilities (credit card balances, mortgages, student loans, etc.) and the difference is your Net Worth, assuming your Assets exceed your Liabilities. ©

How do I calculate my Net Worth?

In its simplest form, Net Worth is the difference between the value of your total assets and your total liabilities. To calculate your personal net worth, identify all your assets (e.g., cash, investments, personal property, real estate, retirement accounts) and all your liabilities (e.g., credit card debt, auto leases, mortgages, student loans). Then subtract the total liabilities amount from the total asset amount. The difference

REOs, REOs, Everywhere

But what are they? REO stands for Real Estate Owned – essentially these are properties that were foreclosed and are now owned by the lender. They can also be owned by a government agency or by a government loan insurer. Foreclosure Process If a Borrower defaults on a mortgage loan, the lender will ultimately foreclose on the loan. Once it is foreclosed, the property is

Tax Recordkeeping

Do you have boxes full of old tax records?  You’re probably thinking of trashing those old records come spring cleaning time.  Storage takes up space and costs money, so the question of how long and what type of records to keep is vexing to many small business owners. After all, if the IRS hasn’t audited you yet, how likely is it that they will come

5 Ways to Tell Good Debt from Bad Debt

Most of us begin incurring debt as soon as we are 18. Whether it is for student loans or credit cards or car loans, we tend to sign on the bottom line with alacrity.  From that point on, the debt we hold can be categorized in one of two categories – it is either good debt, or it is bad debt. Being debt-free is a