About Ask Conny

The Small Business Owner’s  Challenge

A small business owner’s life is like no other.  You wear more hats than a hat rack.  You juggle better than a circus mime, and pay for your freedom and entrepreneurship with plenty of 24/7 weeks and non-existent weekends. chalkboard with words strategic motivation

And you absolutely LOVE it because it’s all yours!

You’re the boss (among other things) &  set your own path to your financial destiny. Owning a business presents unique challenges – and opportunities – to secure your financial well-being.

How Can AskConny Improve Your Bottom Line and Your Life?

We focus on a critical aspect of small business ownership:  the fact that your personal finances are inextricably intertwined with those of your business.

Your taxes, your pension planning, your mortgage decision-making, in fact everything in your personal financial universe, is impacted by your business decisions… and vice versa.  And that’s where your needs differ so greatly from your corporate counterparts… that’s also where specialized knowledge is essential, but really hard to find.

dog in sunglassess & beach toysIt’s not all a day at the beach, but we’re here to help you build the financial resources to spend more time there.

We Do the Legwork — You and Your Business Reap the Rewards

Whether you became a small business owner because of a long-term dream, a unique expertise, or just accidentally, because you got “right-sized” or your job got outsourced – you have a host of issues to deal with that are unique to small business ownership, and a thousand questions that you need to answer, such as:

  • You’re wearing so many hats, you’re dizzy.  How do you systematize the business and stay on track?
  • How do you protect your business and keep it running if something unforeseen should happen to you? 
  • Mortgage companies don’t look at you the same way as if you worked in corporate.  How do you qualify for the kind of low interest mortgages other people enjoy?
  • You’re drowning in paperwork – you know you should be keeping up, but aren’t.  Is it all that important… really?
  • When you were in corporate, you had HR to help you – now you’re HR, but all the legal requirements around employees and payroll taxes, etc., haven’t gone away.  How can you cope?
  • Business tax planning and personal tax planning are now interconnected – what do you need to do differently?

What Can AskConny Do for You?

illustration of figure in maze holding What Now?We do the legwork for you.

You’re skilled at what you do, but not necessarily expert at running a businessAsk Conny brings you the information and training you need, in ways that work with your schedule.

Whether you’re at the stage of Business 101 or Business Post-Grad School, you’ll find the expertise you need to help you make decisions that can build both your business and your personal finances.

At Ask Conny you’ll find quality, targeted information on topics ranging from taxes to payroll… find answers to the questions that trouble you… And there’s so much more…

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We invite you to join our online community at AskConny.com.  Let us do the legwork, so your life and your business can reap the rewards.