Business Finance

small-business-cash-flow-(2)Cash is King: 5 Steps to Improve Business Cash Flow

For most businesses, cash is king. Finding ways to optimize the flow of money through your business is essential… continue reading→

small-business-budgetsNeed to Create a Business Budget?

Budgeting just might be the most hated concept in finance. It’s certainly the one we all love to avoid.We may know it’s the right thing to do, but it regularly falls to the bottom… continue reading→

avoiding-small-business-Cash-flow-problemsMaking a Profit, but Can’t Pay Your Bills?

Doesn’t sound right does it? But this scenario often happens in small businesses and the problem can sneak up on a business owner pretty easily. Everyone’s focus is on profitability, which is obviously important. After all, there is little point in being in business if you aren’t making money. But it is equally important to monitor you business’ liquidity.

insurance coverageSure, You’re Insured…But Does Your Policy Really Protect Your Business?

Business owners, by their nature, are creatures of optimism. The last thing that business owners want to think about is what can go wrong. Unfortunately, in the real world… continue reading→

small-business-financial-planningBusiness Financial Planning

If you want to knock it out of the park business-wise , you need to focus on long term planning at least once a year… continue reading→

small-business-tax-planningHow Does Depreciation Affect Business Taxes?

People are often confused by depreciation. When you purchase a capital asset in business (e.g., computer servers, furniture, buildings, etc.) it has what’s known as a “useful life”, which means that it wears out or becomes obsolete over time… continue reading→

TaxCompiled, Reviewed, or Audited Financial Statements—What’s the Difference?

This may seem like a confusing question, but the differences between an Audit, a Review and a Compilation are easy to understand once you break each one down… continue reading→

cash-or-accrual-accounitngCash or Accrual Accounting?

When you’re setting up your accounting system, one of the choices you’ll have to make is whether you’ll use cash basis or accrual basis accounting… continue reading→

small-business-accountingTime is Money. 5 Ways to Keep Your Bookkeeping & Accounting on Track

Most small businesses begin with very rudimentary accounting procedures, done on a do-it-yourself basis. Options run the gamut from paper records… continue reading→

small-business-cash-Flow-planningUnderstanding Liquidity

The news has been full of headlines regarding the liquidity of the financial markets lately, but what about your business’ liquidity? This is a critically important concept for business owners… continue reading→

small-business-financial-ratiosManaging with Financial Ratios

A review of your financial statements (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow) gives you valuable information about how well your business is doing. But it isn’t the whole story… continue reading→

personal vs business expensesPersonal or Professional? Keep Your Records Straight

Keeping your business records well organized is an important, but often time consuming practice. Busy professionals often tend to make filing paperwork and tracking receipts a bottom-of-the-to-do list item… continue reading→

small-business-owner-asset-protectionAsset Protection: 5 Possible Techniques

Business owners who have acquired a lot of personal assets face the possibility of having their assets targeted by creditors who want to resolve a business liability… continue reading→

ecommerce selling onlineThinking of Selling Online? What You Need to Know about Sales Tax

The internet has spawned a burgeoning sector of the retail industry that has consumers spending billions, states losing billions in sales tax revenue and brick-and-mortar retailers crying foul… continue reading→