Start a Business

startup expensesExercise Caution with Startup Costs

Whether you are bootstrapping your business or have ample funding, build the habit of keeping a close eye on your overhead… continue reading→

home office

 Home Sweet Home Office: The Pitfalls & the Pleasures

Many businesses begin in the home, and many long standing businesses don’t require the trappings (and expense) of a separate office location. The advantages of a home office… continue reading→

difference LLC corporation partnershipLLC, Corporation, Partnership: What’s the Difference?

Many new businesses start out as sole proprietorships because it is simple and requires very little paperwork or expense to start up. But for businesses… continue reading→

Business Plan - SpeedometerThe Business Start-up Starter Kit: 10 Key Steps

Every business begins with a vision and a lot of entrepreneurial energy. From there, it’s about hard work and staying focused. Roughly 50 percent of startups fail in the first five years, but that also means that 50 percent survive. And if you’re one of those “survivors” you’ve got a good chance of longer term success… continue reading→

incorporation-LLCShould You Incorporate?

The better question is: what type of business entity works best for your type of business? There are a number of variables you’ll have to consider when forming your business, including… continue reading→

Starting a businessSo You Think You’d Like to Start a Business?

Obviously, we think it’s a great option. But whether you reached this conclusion because you’re tired of corporate life, just want to be your own boss or company downsizing has pushed you into it, here are a few things to consider… continue reading→

venture capital angel financingVenture? Vulture? Angel? Investor? Who’s Best for Funding Your Business?

You’ve come up with the idea of the century and you even have a really cool name for your business venture.  And, now it’s time to go get the funding you need to get your venture off the ground… continue reading→