Conny Cash

Connacht Cash photoConnacht “Conny” Cash loves the energy of startups and helping small business owners grow their businesses.

Been There, Done That…

A serial entrepreneur, Conny knows all about running a business – from start-up to selling the business.

With over twenty years of financial, entrepreneurial and strategic planning experience, she shows clients how to improve their business’ financial and operational results.


Experience, not Theory

With the dual perspectives of both entrepreneur and consultant, Conny brings a holistic business approach in a wide range of business areas to her projects, including finance, social media and marketing, insurance, risk management, asset protection, strategic planning, facilities planning and real estate acquisition.

Experienced with a wide array of business types ranging from retail to licensing to construction to real estate to advertising to insurance to publishing, she has helped clients master their business challenges and prosper as a result.

Ask-Conny-business-planning“Financial theories are only as good as their performance in the real workplace,” Conny believes. “Small Business Owners put their hearts and money on the line daily. They deserve practical, experienced counsel, and solutions that work for their particular needs.”

Expert & Author

Featured in the Wall Street Journal and other media, Conny’s the author of The Medicare Answer Book, about which AOL’s Book Report said, “Pray you’ll never need it. But if you do, this is the guidebook you want.”

She co-authored The Accessible Design Handbook a practical business guide to dealing with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Recommended by the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) it was used by businesses, health care organizations and schools across the country to assess their facilities.

Capacity Building

A strong believer in  “giving back”and supportlaptop keyboard with word charitying her local community, Conny uses her  financial expertise to build capacity in Nonprofit organizations, both as a volunteer and a consultant.

With a “hands on” approach, she has served as a volunteer Board Member on numerous Boards, both non-profit and government. And her business contributes a percentage of annual profits to local community organizations.