Credit and Debt

small-business-loan-applicationApplying for a Bank Business Loan

It was always difficult for small businesses to get bank funding and it is even harder in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Banks seem to be moving overly cautiously… continue reading→

small-business-debt-(2)5 Ways to Tell Good Debt from Bad Debt

Most of us begin incurring debt as soon as we are 18. Whether it is for student loans or credit cards or car loans, we tend to sign on the bottom line with alacrity.  From that point on… continue reading→

small-business-debtUsing Credit Cards as a Financing Tool?  Tread Carefully.

Most business start-ups can’t get to the starting line without some sort of financing. While there are many ways entrepreneurs can finance their ventures, credit cards are used in many cases… continue reading→

Credit cardsAccepting Credit Cards? 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Merchant Services Provider

The internet has evened the playing field for small businesses that want to compete effectively. As more and more purchases are made through online retailers, a business needs to accept credit card payments… continue reading→

credit-scores-and-small-business-lendingIs Your Credit Score Costing You Money?

Credit scores can help or hamper you in business and life. Building a good one is important and re-building a good one after some type of financial reversal… continue reading→