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managing employee helath insurance benefit costsHealth Savings Accounts (HSA) Basics: Can an HSA Help You Control Your Healthcare Costs?

With businesses facing the uncertainty of changing health care laws and the prospect of higher costs, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) may provide the relief they need… continue reading→

small-business-bookkeepingYou Can’t Do it All: Why a Bookkeeper is Critical to Your Success

Hiring staff is one of the hardest decisions to make, especially for a small business. One area that often suffers from the penny- wise, pound-foolish error is bookkeeping… continue reading→

How to Know if a SEP is the Right Choice for Your Businesssmall-business-owner-retirement-planning

With over 60 million people employed by small businesses, and a secure retirement growing seemingly out of reach for many of them, employers are under tremendous pressure to provide their employees with and employer-sponsored retirement plan… continue reading→

Protect Yourself: How to Run Background Checks on Employeessmall-business-employee-background-checks

Employers are running background checks more frequently than ever. Background and reference checks help to ensure that new employees… continue reading→

Truth or Consequences: When is an Outside Contractor Really an Employee?A list of withholding taxes from the pay stuff

Many small businesses legitimately outsource work to outside contractors and consultants. Doing so is one of the ways that small businesses can be flexible and cost effective… continue reading→

Time to Outsource? 5 Questions to Ask Yourselfoutsourcing virtual assistants

Outsourcing has long been considered to be a strategy employed by larger businesses as way to reduce costs. Technology has made it possible for small businesses to utilize outsourcing even in the early stages of the business growth cycle… continue reading→

Don’t Mess with the IRS — How to Deduct Shareholder Benefit Costs in a Sub-Sdeducting-sub-s-benefits

Many business owners elect to use S Corporation status for tax purposes. S status is a tax status, not a type of corporation. To be taxed in this way… continue reading→

Before You  Hire…5 Things You Need to Know about Employee Lawsmall business employment information

Of the myriad of regulations and laws that confront businesses today, none are more perplexing, or numerous than the laws regulating employment. When a business cycles into a hiring mode… continue reading→

HMO POS PPO different health plansHealth Insurance Alphabet Soup – HMO, PPO, or POS – What’s the Difference?

Most people participating in a health care plan through their employers, will be offered one or more of the following types to choose from: a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan… continue reading→

Simple 401(k)s are Anything but SimpleSIMPLE-401ks

In response to the growing demand by small businesses to be able to compete with larger companies, Congress, through the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, created a retirement plan called SIMPLE 401(k)… continue reading→

What Is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?HSA

Health Savings Accounts combine certain tax deferral benefits with a high deductible medical insurance plan. The increasing cost of medical insurance premiums today makes a Health Savings Account (also known as the HSA) worth considering as an option… continue reading →

What’s ERISA and Why Should You Care?pensions ERISA

Many small businesses offer some form of qualified retirement plan or welfare benefit plan, and in doing so, they fall under the governance guidelines of The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)… continue reading→