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small-business-owner-salary-300x228Owner Salaries Pay – Yourself First!

One of the most important wealth building concepts for entrepreneurs to master is to “pay yourself first.” This advice is often “lost” in the midst of struggling to pay everyone else… continue reading→

small-business-owner-asset-protectionYou Know How to Make Money…Don’t Forget to Protect Your Assets

For many small business owners, the ultimate reward for starting a business is achieving personal financial independence while pursuing a passion or a vision… continue reading→

saving for college costs529 Plans: A Tax Advantaged Way to Save for College

Saving for college tuition is difficult to do and when it is being juggled with the cash flow and other priorities inherent in running a small business… continue reading→

small business owner estate planningWhat’s the State of Your Estate Planning?

Business owners have to contend with many facets of financial management – business accounting, forecasting, personal finances, and tax planning. The one area of financial management and asset protection that often… continue reading→

separating business and personal recordsSeparate Lives: Keep Your Business Transactions Separate from Your Personal Ones

 Most business owners try to maintain separate business and personal lives, if for no other reason than to keep their lives in balance. continue reading→

managing financial riskYou Are Your Brand. Better Take those Personal Guarantees Seriously.

Whether or not your name is on the shingle, your business becomes your identity and your reputation is intertwined with the fortunes or failures of your business. As the owner… continue reading→

3D Credit Score DiceHow Carrying Business Balances on Your Personal Credit Cards Can Sink Your Credit Score

One of the core pieces of advice that business owners should follow is to not mix business finances with personal finances. The reasons for heeding this advice… continue reading→

The-words-Moving-Day-and-a-date-circled-on-a-calendar-with-a-redTax Deductible Moving Expenses

If you’re moving because of a job change, some of that expense may be tax deductible… continue reading→

Family business succession planningYou’ve Built a Great Family Business. But How Do You Pass the Mantle?

It can take a lifetime to build a successful family business that can endure as a legacy; however, a lack of proper planning can quash any dreams of you have of passing it smoothly on… continue reading→

common tax return mistakesProtect Your Assets

This topic is usually associated with high income individuals and medical professionals, but asset protection planning is just as necessary for owners of start-ups and small businesses… continue reading→

FDIC-insurance-coverageFDIC Insurance Covers Insured Bank Accounts

There can be some confusion around FDIC insurance coverage for bank accounts, especially when you have multiple bank accounts… continue reading→