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Rookie Real Estate Investor Mistakes

Always dreamed of making money investing in residential real estate? Many investors have done just that very successfully… continue reading→


photo of word IRA in keyboardUsing Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate

When thinking of IRA investments, most people think of stocks & bonds, but you can also use your IRA to invest in real estate… continue reading→


photo of commercial building vacant retail spaceRefinancing Commercial Mortgage Loans

Unlike 30 year residential mortgages, commercial mortgage loans typically have shorter terms (5-10 years) & a balloon payment… continue reading→


self-employed mortgage challenges

Mortgage Challenges for the Self-Employed

The mortgage application process can seem like walking through a financial maze if you are self-employed or a small business owner… continue reading→


photo of small commercial buildingUnderstanding Commercial Mortgage Loans

Small business owners and investors are surprised by the differences between commercial lending and residential lending… continue reading→


insurance claim form photo with penHomeowner’s Insurance Property Coverage Limits

Homeowner’s insurance is required by lenders in order to close on a residential property & generally is prepaid at closing… continue reading→


photo of commercial strip mallInvesting in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in commercial real estate is much different than investing in residential properties… continue reading→


Avoid These 3 Real Estate Investing MistakesInvestment real estate

There are basically two ways to make money in real estate:  buying and selling properties for a profit and/or profitably renting residential or commercial properties... continue reading→


Your New Home signBuying a House? Read the Small Print

Anyone who has ever bought a house knows that the paperwork involved can be a bit overwhelming. Seriously, who doesn’t silently groan when handed a pile of dense legalese?... continue reading→


Impact of Credit Scores on Your Mortgage Ratedice with credit scores

All mortgage rates are not created equal, which is why that great advertised rate is not usually the rate a borrower is quoted after his or her credit is pulled… continue reading→


house with short sale sold signReal Estate Short Sales – 5 Things You Need to Know

In a real estate short sale, the property is transferred from the Seller to the Buyer for less than the amount of the outstanding mortgage lien(s)... continue reading→

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