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protecting client recordsSafeguarding Client Information

Collecting personal and financial information from your customers brings with it a responsibility to protect that information. In this age of identity theft, an important part of your customer service… continue reading→

doing-business-on-the-cloud5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Backup Storage Site  

A cloud backup system is what you might call a “hard drive in the sky”, since it is a remotely located backup destination, and yet one that is accessible from the web.  Before you sign on with a cloud backup site… continue reading→

small-business-cyber-liability-insuranceWhat Does Cyber-Liability Insurance Cover?

Businesses are growing ever more reliant on the Internet in order to stay in touch with their clients in the public mind. You have to go where the people are, and today, nearly one third of the world’s population is online… continue reading→

padlock identity theft graphicIt’s Your Name…Don’t Let Someone Else Own It on the Web

The cyber universe is full of information, opportunity and, if you’re not careful, it can be the demise of your brand. Your name and the name of your business are your brand… continue reading→

small-business-cyber-securityCyber Security for Small Businesses

Large organizations have on-staff expertise to insure that their websites and computer networks are protected, but small and home based businesses often deal with computer security on their own. There are some basic… continue reading→

business-computer-securityYour Computer is Your Life…5 Ways to Protect It

Computers have revolutionized the way small businesses operate today,  enabling business owners to quickly launch new enterprises, expand communications capacity, compete on the world stage and function on a 24/7 basis… continue reading→

small-buisness-data-protectionIn Case of Emergency…Tips for Protecting Your Electronic Records

One of the worst disasters a business can experience is the loss or damage of its electronically stored data.  Businesses large and small are under constant threat from… continue reading→

SPAM-and-the-CAN-Spam-actSpam: What You Need to Know about Email, the FTC and the CAN-Spam Act

Email communication has become the lifeblood for businesses to conduct customer service, marketing, and sales solicitation.  With that, businesses are being heavily scrutinized for email practices… continue reading→

identity protection social mediaSocial Networking: How to Benefit Without Losing Your Identity Online

Businesses of all types are taking advantage of the enormous potential of social networking sites for business development, customer communications and public relations… continue reading→

small-business-recordkeeping-in-the-cloudRecordkeeping in the Cloud? Really?  

So what’s the cloud? It’s an internet based way to handle documents and collaborate with colleagues… continue reading→

small-business-website-designNeed a Website? How to Do It on a Shoestring 

If you’re in business today, having a web presence is a must.  Even if you don’t plan to sell products over the internet, a website is essential in order to… continue reading→