How do I Protect My Copyright?

the words idea right ahead on arrow signIdeas become creative “product” and copyright is a hot topic theses days with all the “shared” content on the internet. It’s important to protect your own copyrighted work and also to respect the work of others.

While copyright law is complex, copyright protection applies to “original works of authorship” that are both published and unpublished. Paintings, photographs, novels, screenplays — there are many forms of creative product which are protected by copyright laws. But it is important to know what your rights are & how to protect them.

While copyright protection technically begins once the work is completed, making a formal record of it is a good idea. You can register your work with the US Copyright Office for a fee. This can be done in hard copy or via the internet.

Intellectual Property attorneys specialize in copyright law, so if you have questions get the counsel you need from a specialist.