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Conny Cash

Connacht “Conny” Cash loves the energy of startups and helping small business owners grow their businesses. Been There, Done That… A serial entrepreneur, Conny knows all about running a business – from start-up to selling the business. With over twenty years of financial, entrepreneurial and strategic planning experience, she shows clients how to improve their business’ financial and operational results. Experience, not Theory With the

What does it mean when my insurance coverage is based on Actual Cash Value?

Actual Cash Value (ACV) is an insurance term that will impact how much you are paid in the event of a loss due to stolen or damaged property. When a policy’s coverage is based on ACV, the amount of money you will recover for a covered loss is the calculated on the replacement cost MINUS an amount for depreciation of the property. The ACV amount

What is a Statement of Cash Flows?

Along with a Profit and Loss Statement (P & L) and a Balance Sheet, a Statement of Cash Flows is part of a complete set of business financial statements. The Statement of Cash Flows shows where the funds you used to operate your business and pay your expenses came from. It will show if the funds were generated by operations & sales, by borrowing, by

Don’t Confuse Cash Flow with Profits

Cash Flow and Profit are two concepts that can be confused, particularly by business owners who are unfamiliar with the accounting techniques used for recording Sales and “Accounts Receivable” when running a business. It is possible to make a Profit and still be caught in a cash flow bind. And cash flow problems can put you out of business in spite of making a profit.

Avoid Cash Flow Woes

Managing your business’ cash flow is as important as watching your bottom line.  Small businesses and startups operate on tight budgets and sometimes shoestrings, so cash management is critical for survival. Two of the most common pitfalls that occur with cash flow are: Mistaking Cash Flow for Profit This usually affects businesses that receive substantial deposit money upfront (e.g., construction), but that aren’t accounting for

Cash is King: 5 Steps to Improve Cash Flow

For most businesses, cash is king. Finding ways to optimize the flow of money through your business is essential.  Even if you are a profitable business, you may find yourself cash-strapped if you don’t keep an eye on your cash flow position. With payrolls to meet, supplier bills to pay, taxes to remit and capital investments to make, the very existence of your business can

Cash or Accrual Accounting

When you’re setting up your accounting system, one of the choices you’ll have to make is whether you’ll use cash basis or accrual basis accounting.The basic difference in the two approaches is the timing of when you record a transaction. The option you choose will depend on the size and type of business you have. Usually this choice is up to the business owner. However,

Data Overload

Businesses run on data and we live in a data-saturated world these days. Even for those of us who are information junkies like me, there are days when it can be overwhelming. Sales revenue, marketing costs, social media A/B split testing, cost of goods, lead conversions, email campaign bounce rates…the list of available business data is immense. As small business owners, we have to figure