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Net worth is the dollar value of your personal assets minus your personal liabilities.

To figure it out, you add up all your assets such as savings, investments, real estate holdings, retirement accounts, etc.

Then deduct from that number all your personal liabilities (credit card balances, mortgages, student loans, etc.) and the difference is your Net Worth, assuming your Assets exceed your Liabilities.


The term is used in different ways in various areas of business. At its essence it is an analysis that is performed to show the “gap” or difference between actual performance and optimum or potential performance.

This type of analysis allows management to assess how well a business is performing versus the optimal performance expected. It is a metric tool used for business strategic & financial planning.


Section 7a refers to one of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) loan programs.

These loans can be used for starting or growing a business, making equipment purchases or other specified expenditures.

The loans are made by third party lenders (e.g., banks) not the SBA. The SBA establishes the lending guidelines & then guarantees repayment. This is one of several small business lending programs backed by the SBA.


The SBA (US Small Business Administration) does not directly lend money, but it has several loan guarantee programs.

In these specific lending programs, the SBA guarantees the repayment of your loan, thus reducing the risk of nonpayment for the lender. As a result you may receive a lower interest rate or perhaps be approved for a loan you might not ordinarily receive without the SBA guarantee.

These SBA loans must meet certain established guidelines and not all bank or other lenders participate.


No. It depends on many factors, including the deceased’s state of primary residency, the amount of the total estate and whether there are any assets subject to probate.

The use of trusts, joint ownership of property and other estate planning techniques can minimize or eliminate the need for Probate, but each state varies so it is advisable to consult an estate attorney for specifics.



SCORE is a nonprofit organization that provides volunteer business counseling services at locations throughout the USA. When originally founded, most of the volunteer advisors were retired business executives.

You can make an appointment with a SCORE advisor and receive one on one free mentoring for your business.