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When the Cloud Fails You

blue sky & clouds with computers floatingEveryone loves the cloud these days. The cloud makes accessing your files easy; it makes working with teams easy; and it makes sharing documents with colleagues or customers easy.

But are you prepared to cope if you get locked out? I use a cloud based document sharing system in my real estate business here in south Florida.  A couple of days ago, the functionality of that system was off line for most of the work day.

Panic Time?

That’s right, this wasn’t a short outage; this was most of the day. If I hadn’t had copies of those documents backed up somewhere other than that server, I would have been temporarily out of business for the day.

Real estate is time critical – contracts have timelines for signing documents, for transferring property, for finalizing financing, obtaining appraisals, etc., etc. There was no way to reach any documents while the system was having “technical difficulties”…and all the apologies & explanations were irrelevant when it came to helping my clients.

Lesson: Don’t Rely on Only One File Location

I’m not bashing the cloud, I’m just saying that having backups is always critical and that the cloud isn’t a panacea. Relying on only one system, no matter what the system is, can be a recipe for disaster if something goes wrong.

So, if your system is locally server based, back up to the cloud. If your system is cloud based, back up documents on your local server or to another provider’s cloud. Technical problems happen; hacking happens; accidents happen…be prepared and it’ll only be a small glitch, not a major problem.