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photo of bank owned real estate signREOs, REOs, Everywhere

But what are they? REO stands for Real Estate Owned – essentially these are properties that were foreclosed… continue reading→


Keyboard with the word taxes highlighted in redShort Sale Tax Relief Deadline Expiring

Time is running out to conclude a short sale or foreclosure on your principal residence and not end up owing income tax… continue reading→


multiple red dice with percentage signsUnderstanding Mortgage Qualification Ratios

These calculations are simple to do, but can seem murky even to experienced property buyers… continue reading→


photo of house on calcualtorHouse Purchase Closing Costs

For most clients, the underlying question is about estimating how much money they will need on the day of closing… continue reading→


3 TipPurchasing a new homes for a Smooth Home Purchase

Anyone experienced with buying & selling real estate knows, is that “stuff happens” during the real estate purchase & sale process… continue reading→


mortgage application envelope near keyboardMortgage Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification

When it comes to buying a house, Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualification have very different impacts… continue reading→


Florida LightningLiving in the Lightning Capital of the U.S.

Florida is a great place to live. We’re famous for our great weather and year round outdoor life style, but also for our weather challenges… continue reading→


photo house floating in life preserverFlood Insurance Tips for Homeowners

Many homeowners find out too late that flood damage isn’t covered by their basic homeowner’s insurance policy… continue reading→


photo of mortgage loan applicationMortgage Qualification Process

New rules impact borrowers by making the mortgage application and approval process more difficult… continue reading→

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